London museum blasted for display on ‘male’ or ‘female’ brains

September 15, 2016 GMT

An interactive exhibit at the Science Museum in London is trying to tell visitors whether they have a male or female brain.

It seems the museum is being told it has no brain at all for putting up such an exhibit.

The interactive ‘Who Am I’ exhibit features a series of questions. Your answers are displayed on a ‘sex-o-meter’ where an arrow either lands on blue for a male brain, or pink - for a female brain.

According to the test, men are better at “seeing things in three dimensions” and “being able to imagine how things rotate.” Women fare better “in tests that involve: distinguishing between subtle hints and details” and “having a good visual memory.”

After a picture of the quiz was posted online, people took to Twitter expressing outrage and disbelief that such antiquated notions of gender stereotypes still has a place in a science museum.

“To be honest, I was surprised to hear about this exhibit,” said Joseph Devlin, head of experimental psychology at University College London. “The Science Museum has an impressive track record and I really respect their work in science communication. This particular exhibit is not at all representative of the work they do.”

Obviously there are some differences in the male and female brain, including size and chemistry, he said. But differences in how they compute spatial or numerical problems can be a result of many factors and life experiences.