CBD business soars in Dodge County

April 5, 2019 GMT

Shoppers searching for cannabidiol in Dodge County have numerous choices as local entrepreneurs take advantage of the substance’s soaring popularity.

One new shop selling CBD products just opened in Juneau and another is about to open in Beaver Dam. CBD gummy bears are available at Family Video. Gas stations sell items with cannabidiol. Walgreens just announced it will introduce CBD in 1,500 stores, though none in Wisconsin quite yet.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a substance derived from the cannabis plant but does not provide the psychoactive high that comes from THC.

Users of CBD anecdotally swear by the substance as a way to treat their anxiety, pain, digestive problems and a whole host of issues they may want to address. Scientific evidence backing up claims about CBD remain thin as studies gear up. The Food and Drug Administration has approved CBD medication for rare types of childhood epilepsy.

Kara Nelson is opening the Life Herb shop in downtown Beaver Dam at 112 Front St. She said she hopes to have a grand opening April 20.

Nelson first got into CBD with her 1-year-old dog Marley, who had a leg amputated at just a few weeks old. Marley started having a lot of pain and inflammation in her hip and could barely move. Nelson decided to give CBD a shot for Marley after talking with her vet.

“Within a couple of hours, she completely turned around, and within a few weeks she was back to being her normal self,” Nelson said.

She said she has used products herself for anxiety.

After leaving a shop in Sun Prairie where she had been buying CBD oil, Nelson realized she wanted to open her own shop. Life Herb will focus on other products derived from the greater hemp plant. CBD is not the only substance that can be extracted from the plant.

’This is amazing, how much it’s helped my dog, and I just want to be able to share this with the community,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to open a business of some sort since I was very, very young and I thought this was going to be the perfect opportunity. I really feel passionate about it.”

Beaver Dam will now have some competition: the Green Acres CBD shop opened in the shopping center at 820 Park Ave. earlier this year.

“We’re doing really well. We’re helping a lot of people,” said Green Acres’ Doug Paust, who is also a pharmacist. “We have customer base that includes both younger and older folks, helping them with a lot of their pain needs.”

Paust said medical professionals in the area have even sent patients his way when they’ve exhausted other avenues.

Tara Marquardt just opened DC CBD in downtown Juneau at 114A S. Main St. She said that she had been driving over an hour to get certain products and wanted to bring them closer to home and help people, right in the middle of Dodge County, with a focus on the highest quality, the biggest selection and affordability. Her favorites are the oil, which she uses every day, and bath bombs.

DC CBD sells products online and has a customer loyalty program for special discounts.

CBD products are also available at places that don’t just focus on CBD. Family Video in Beaver Dam sells them. Vape shops around the area sell them. Even jewelry stores sell them, like Freber’s and Gysber’s in Waupun.

Different places put different spins on their CBD. The Natural Way in Mayville, 35 S. Main St., gets frequent calls from different suppliers offering products. The shop went locally sourced for its oils, tablets and creams and chose not to sell products like candies, cigarettes and flavored beverages in order to emphasize the medicinal nature of the products.

Nelson said local businesses are best for the personal attention and care as customers learn about CBD.

“I think there’s an explosion in the CBD market because people are really looking for more natural things to put in their bodies rather than rely on lab-created chemical concoctions that may not fully address their symptoms, or they may not want to risk some of the side effect that the medications may have,” she said.

Nelson said it’s important for users to stay informed and learn about how to use the products as everyone will have a different experience.