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John Campbell: Let me count the reasons to vote for Eileen Moeller

October 30, 2018

With this letter, I urge Winonans to vote for Eileen Moeller for the Winona City Council representing Ward 2. I will give three reasons for supporting Eileen. First, she offers a much-needed fresh and energetic voice and vision for the council that will help steer this city into a robust and progressive future.

Second, Eileen would bring a wealth of Winona knowledge and experience to the Council. As a Winona State graduate, she clearly understands the challenges and opportunities offered by our three institutions of higher education for making Winona an even better place to live. As marketing and sales director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival, she clearly possesses the necessary expertise for analyzing, explaining and, when necessary, critiquing city budgets. At the same time, her central role in the GRSF and the Winona Fine Arts Commission will make her an invaluable resource on the council and, more generally, in city government, for promoting Winona as a premiere cultural destination for money-wielding tourists.

Third, as many of you already know, she has a tireless work ethic, doggedly hitting the sidewalks this campaign season, knocking on doors, meeting residents and listening to their concerns. Much to Winona’s benefit, she will continue to deploy that ethic once elected to the City Council representing Ward 2.

Vote for Eileen Moeller on Nov. 6, if not before. Remember: It is easy to register to vote at the polls on election day.

John Campbell, Winona