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BC-AP--AP Europe News Digest at 0800 GMT, AP

September 27, 2013



STOCKHOLM — Officials say an international conference on climate change has adopted a long-awaited report on global warming after all-night talks. The report is expected to say that scientists are now more certain than ever that global warming is man-made. 130 words. Karl Ritter in lockdown until 0800 GMT when report will be officially published. 130 words when report is published. 700 words by 1000GMT. Photos, video.


LONDON — Paul Hyland almost never forgets a face. He’s a “super recognizer,” and that’s giving an unusual kind of help to his employer: Scotland Yard. About 200 London police officers have been recruited to an elite squad that has have tripled the number of criminal suspects identified from surveillance photos or on the street each week, and even helped prevent some crimes like muggings, drug deals and assaults. By Maria Cheng. SENT 1,250 words. AP Photos.


REYKYAVIK — It has doubled as an alien planet, a Himalayan peak and even the snow-filled fantasy world of the Game of Thrones. Still recovering from financial collapse, Iceland can perhaps be forgiven for seeking alternate identities. And Hollywood is providing the remote North Atlantic island much needed revenue and jobs — as well as a touch of glamour — as it struggles to emerge from its nationwide banking and currency debacle. The country’s unique environment, along with generous tax incentives, continues to attract some of the biggest Hollywood filmmakers and television producers. By Jenna Gottlieb. SENT 550 words. AP Photos.


BERLIN — Germany’s center-left Social Democrats meet to discuss how to proceed after an election that left conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel seeking a new coalition partner. A poll shows that a “grand coalition” of Merkel’s conservatives and the Social Democrats is the country’s preferred option for a new government. 130 words published. UPDATE TIMING UNCLEAR


ANTWERP, Belgium — The Red Star Line migration museum opens this weekend, showing how millions of Europeans steamed across the ocean towards the United States and other parts of the Americas over the past two centuries. It charts the migrations of everyone, from Irving Berlin to the families fleeing poverty or persecution, all seeking a better life. By Raf Casert. 600 words by 1600 GMT. Photos, video.


MOSCOW— Environmental group Greenpeace says it will appeal against the rulings of a Russian court that led to the jailing of its activists for a protest near an oil platform in the Arctic. SENT 130 words. Press conference expected at 0800 GMT. 300 words by 0900 GMT.


LONDON — Four men appear in court charged with trying to rob a branch of Santander bank by taking control of its computers. (Pre-trial hearing). TIMING UNCLEAR


MADRID — The Spanish government is due to revise upward its economic growth figures for 2014 and may also announce changes to its pension system in Friday’s weekly Cabinet meeting. By Ciaran Giles. 130 words by 1400 GMT with possible writethrus on merit.


VIENNA — U.N. officials get the world’s first chance to see if Tehran’s nuclear charm offensive translates into action as they renew their push for access to a site they suspect was used for secret atomic arms development. By George Jahn. 130 words by 1000 GMT. 450 words by 1800 GMT. photos, video.

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