53 Bluechew Reviews Compiled: What Bluechew Review Data Has Shown Us About Consumer Behavior

July 17, 2020 GMT

San Diego, USA, 17th July (Wiredrelease) Cell-Life.org has collected and analyzed 53 Bluechew reviews to help us find why men gravitate towards taking these tablet-chewables instead of pills.

What Bluechew Reviews Have Revealed About Effectiveness

Most Men Who Have Taken Bluechew Says the Product Works: About 70% of reviews analyzed across user-based platforms, including YouTube, Reddit, and Groupon, exclaimed that the product has worked generously well with minimal side effects and zero issues.

The 30% who questioned the chews’ validity and bad-mouthed the effectiveness were people who likely misused the product sometimes by breaking the bluechews in half and taking too low a dose. 50% of the negative reviewers admittedly did not answer the health assessment questions honestly and therefore endured bad reactions to the medications or were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, by their own admissions. Bluechew has no way of verifying information put on health assessments because the staff does not request copies of medical records. If the clients’ choice of what information they volunteer. The responsibility is up to the client to provide accurate information. Some reviewers also had issues with the delivery system, which does not reflect the effectiveness of the Bluechew tablets formula.

Review of Bluechew’s Company Background

Made famous by their free 1-month trial.  Bluechew has been the only company in history to offer free samples of chewable Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Bluechew (Dermacare LLC) is based in Chicago, IL. The company is the brainchild of a University of Chicago Chief Resident turned entrepreneur, who had the vision to re-imagine the broken and outdated U.S healthcare systems completely incapable of handling the growing problem of erectile dysfunction prevalence. This motivated developer set to assist reinventing the healthcare system for men suffering erectile sexual dysfunction. The product, Bluechew, aimed to serve as a Viagra and Cialis alternative to fix these issues.

Bluechew Plans

Plans range from free with the 1 month sample all the way to $120 a month for 34 doses of 45mg sildenafil.

Bluechew is a subscription-program that delivers ED medication monthly. The prescription is approved by a certified doctor at Bluechew before the ordering process is set in motion for home delivery.

Information the doctor needs to know about a patient is gathered from the health assessment administered at the beginning of the sign-up process and used to diagnose the symptoms pre-prescription. Upon completion, a one-on-one meeting ensues through an online portal, required by law, to verify identity, revisit answers to recorded questions on the assessment, and to gather other relevant information like copies of government-issued identification. When a person gets approved as a Bluechew customer, the chews enter a subscription rotation cycle and send to the patient monthly. The price for the plan is then debited from their card account accordingly.

Payment is completed out-of-pocket with a credit or debit card; therefore, private healthcare insurance providers will not cover the cost of a Bluechew prescription. However, Bluechew.com does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if the user is unsatisfied with the product or feel unconfident about the performance they received. Upon arriving at this decision and consulting a customer support staff member through the email system or phone call center, a refund is issued to the saved payment method on file.

Bluechew Pricing

Patients get the power to choose a plan that fits their sexual schedule. Tadalafil tablets are recognized by the grey pouches and they go for a more expensive rate than the sildenafil selections.


  • Most affordable tadalafil plan $20 per month for a pack of four 6mg tablets.
  • Most affordable sildenafil plan $20 per month for a pack of six 30mg tablets.


  • Highest sildenafil doses Thirtyfour 45mg chews.
  • Highest tadalafil doses Twenty-eight 9mg chews.

However, the lowest priced subscription plan for $20/month is free with a coupon code.

Consumer Behavior with Bluechew

A Cleveland Clinic Survey states that older men do not generally like to visit the doctor and would rather purposefully distract themselves with non-medical related activities that are conducive to their health just to occupy their time. One reason for this lack of concern is that 60% of these men would have no problem going to the doctor if it was convenient.

Most erectile dysfunction solution products do not require an in-person doctor visit, so they provide a sense of convenience, which might explain why older men flock to erectile dysfunction products. Companies like Bluechew give the option to a potential customer to complete an online consultation via a computer or mobile for added secrecy and convenience. Conducting business in this way limits the exposure of anyone knowing about the issues of the client. Additionally, when the doctor approves the prescription, a delivery is set up the next day. The arriving box is 100% discreet. Many reviewers commented that the package is identical to a box sent from an eBay or Amazon seller. That alone is an added benefit for the client to stay incognito when delivery is by USPS or UPS.

Bluechew Ingredients

One reason this product works well is due to a highly specialized formula that utilizes the best aspects of Viagra and Cialis into an effective alternative treatment. Sildenafil is the number one ingredient used to create Viagra, which is reputable for fast-acting instantly after 30 minutes of consumption and the immediate effects can linger in the system for approximately 6 hours. Comparatively, tadalafil is the major ingredient used in Cialis and has become more compatible and attractive to older males because of the slow reaction time that kicks in within 2 hours to 24 hours after taking a pill. The effects, in this case, can linger in the human body for a duration of approximately 36 hours.

A 2016 European Ageing Male Study concluded that as men get older, erectile dysfunction increases and peaks in males over the age of 70. Elderly people, specifically the men, continue to stay sexually active beyond their 70’s because the libido never stops operating, and sexual desire does not disappear because of their age. Therefore, an elderly man who desires sex might be incapable of keeping an erection because of damaged nerves or a simple lack of motivation and prefer to take medication to rectify this issue.

Final Summary of Bluechew Review Data

Rapidly changing consumer behavior in the ED world has its eyes set on the product Bluechew that came into fruition in 2014, but recently exploded in popularity due to reviews and testimonials created by users on the grassroots who claim success in using the product to get an on-demand erection. The increase in professional bluechew reviews and bluechew reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Groupon indicate that popularity is still increasing to higher levels.

This change in consumer behavior towards Bluechew echoes decades-long praises of Viagra and Cialis and men around the globe were trying to get their hands on both products. There were even comedy specials joking about how guys would take Viagra and end up in the hospital under extensive medical care due to an erection that lasted well beyond the 24-hour window. Although these scenes are funny, a real-life scenario with a similar situation is a sign of danger and requires immediate physician consultation.

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