Business program add-on born out of necessity

July 12, 2017 GMT

West Philadelphia’s marketing specialist Rashaad Lambert was in his element during a seminar on marketing, branding and social media strategy at IMunch Café, 1233 N. 31st St.

As the founder of the Sporty Marketing Group, Lambert shared his knowledge of branding and entrepreneurship with would-be business owners and business professionals. The event gave attendees an opportunity to learn specific steps to help with their business success.

The programs was a part of Lambert’s nonprofit, the Lambert Institute For Entrepreneurship, which originally focused on youth.

“Through the LIFE program I actually teach a version of the program to the youth, that is what my main focus have been,” said Lambert.

Outreach for these youth are done in GED programs, high schools and local colleges, but this time Lambert included adults as well.

“My first class was just for nonprofit organizations but there were people there who worked in both nonprofit and for-profit spaces,” said Lambert.

“My plan was to just focus on nonprofits because I figured they were the group that needed it the most but I was alienating a whole cross-section of people which made me do a second class and do it for people working in for-profit spaces,” he said.

The need to expand the topic was made clear to Lambert after he listened to the issues, concerns and questions posed to him by those attending his first seminar.

“I want to try to cater to that instead of catering to what I feel they should know,” Lambert said.

The IMunch Café near 31st Street and Girard Avenue in West Philadelphia was an ideal place for community inclusion, said Lambert.

“It’s in the community, it’s accessible, it has parking, it has good food and things of that nature so people can come for one thing and leave with another,” he explained.

Among the topics discussed during the seminar was social media and networking.

“You should actually treat networking when you’re on the internet the same way as you would if you meet them in person,” Lambert said.

He said in encountering someone, a person typically leaves a business card and follows up with that person. The same should be true of internet interactions.

Another thing Lambert says is that it’s important that a person controls his or hers narrative.

“I feel that people don’t control their narratives and they leave it up to people to find whatever they are going to find,” he added.

“If you follow up with people soon enough than you can send them content whether it’s your resume, your CD, your bio or your website so they don’t have to look for it and there are some people who never look for it,” he added.

Attendee Maxine Adekoya said she heard about seminar from a friend.

“I thought it was really well done,” said Adekoya. “I thought that it was a great service that he is offering to the residents of Philadelphia and to be able to have some time to just sit down and be able to understand how to maximize tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.”

Another attendee, Chanell Hanns, described Lambert’s presentation as deliberate as he communicated with those in attendance.

“Although my company is for-profit, I was able to benefit from Rashaad’s recommendations and will be able to share with my clients,” said Hanns. “There are many ways to lose sight of your organizations message on social media when mixing your personal and business ideas.”

Hanns says she often reaches out to Lambert for guidance on marketing and social media and find his feedback to be insightful and though provoking.

The recent workshop was sponsored by the Urban Affairs Coalition. For information about upcoming workshops, contact the Sporty Marketing Group at info@sportymarketing.com or visit its website at sportymarketing.com/getstarted