Shatel: Yeezy brand an easy recruiting call; Memorial Stadium should never sell naming rights

January 31, 2018 GMT

Taking stock of our sports world and wondering what type of shoes Tom Osborne used to wear:

» Today’s breaking news comes from my source at Elkhorn South, where Nebraska football coach Scott Frost stopped by last week.

The talk around school, however, wasn’t just the new coach showing up. It was what were on his feet.


The Yeezy is a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. They’re apparently exclusive and totally cool and hip and would make a college football coach who wears them totally cool and hip.

It would also make that coach a very smart coach if he spends a lot of time recruiting young people who pay attention to these things — which apparently they do.


Frost was unavailable for comment. But investigative reporters will take note of his footwear at next week’s signing day.

No, I don’t know any sports writers who wear Yeezys.

That’s all for this week. You can only get this kind of journalism right here.

» Bill Moos doesn’t need my advice or help. The Moos Effect at Nebraska is doing quite nicely, thank you.

So I’ll make a very small and forthright suggestion to the Nebraska athletic director.

Don’t you dare pull a USC.

The legendary school, which plays in the legendary Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, announced Monday it sold the naming rights to the world-famous stadium.

It’s now the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum.

That move was worth $69 million to help fund a $270 million renovation of the relic, which will host the opening ceremony of the 2028 Summer Olympics. But is it really worth it? Ugh.

The Coliseum is as much Los Angeles’ stadium, a stadium hosting pro events and Olympics. But let’s hope this does not become a trend in college football.

And let’s certainly hope this idea never comes to a Memorial Stadium near you.

» This get-off-my-lawn segment is brought to you by Roman Gabriel, Jack Snow and Deacon Jones.

» Creighton basketball coach Greg McDermott lifted freshman Jacob Epperson’s redshirt, and something Mac said about the process caught my ear. He said sometimes you don’t know if a player is ready to play until he’s played in a game — and it’s too late to turn back.

The redshirt concept is an old-school developmental idea. In today’s world where kids — and parents — don’t want to wait or develop, the redshirt could become a thing of the past.

The NCAA is close to allowing players to transfer once without sitting out or redshirting. In that same world where many kids transfer around AAU teams and high schools at a whim, that could be chaotic.


Some are proposing a compromise where transfer-and-play-now kids would have to meet a GPA or academic requirement to quality. That’s a noble concept.

Academics. And compromise.

I like a compromise that’s been proposed by the college football coaches: Allow a player to play in four games before deciding on the redshirt. That same compromise could be used in basketball, with a different number of games.

Sometimes kids need to be shown they aren’t ready yet.

Epperson looks lost right now, but that will change. He could bring a dimension to the Jays that could make them dangerous in March.

Speaking of Marcus Foster, he’s a different guy this season. Mature. Selective. Which makes him even more dynamic. That’s a first-team All-Big East dude.

» James Palmer looks like an All-Big Ten player. I’d like to see Palmer and Foster in a game of H-O-R-S-E. I get the winner.

The 3-point contest at the NCAA Final Four wouldn’t be a bad place, either.

» I received a lot of feedback on the Connie Yori column. She’s a popular coach, supported by both blue and red. That means she can coach.

» Nebraska native. Youngest player to catch a touchdown pass in the Rose Bowl (as a Husker). Legendary football coach at Kearney State. Difference-making athletic director at Kearney.

I just described Al Zikmund, who passed away at 95 on Monday. What a life. What a legend.

» I’ve covered and heard from a lot of big-money boosters over the years. Never saw one as generous and yet consistently positive as Dan Cook.

Donating to the cause at those levels usually brings griping or big-shot privileges. Some sound more important than they actually are. Cook always acted like he wanted to stay out of the way — except when it really mattered. With his checkbook.

» College hockey bracketology is easy. Who’s in the top 16 of the PairWise rankings?

Don’t look now, but UNO shot up to No. 8 after sweeping Western Michigan. The Mavs have eight regular-season games left, including at No. 3 St. Cloud and at No. 10 Minnesota-Duluth and at home against No. 11 North Dakota.

Not an easy chore by any means, but you figure the remaining strength of schedule will keep UNO in the top 16. A split in any of them would obviously be huge.

» One of the Super Bowl prop bets is what color will Pink’s hair be when she sings the national anthem. White/blond is 5/4. Pink/red is only 7/4.

Green is 7/1. Oh well, she is a native of the Philly area.

She can see the prop bets and fix the competition, right?

I like this one: Which will be higher, the (outside) temperature at kickoff or the total points scored in the first quarter?

My advice: Stay away from that one.

» One more and I’m outta here: Patriots 24, Eagles 21. The two Super Bowls New England lost were because the New York Giants had a ferocious pass rush and Eli Manning. The Eagles have one of those.