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142-Year-Old Said to Lead Vietnam’s Centenarians

July 3, 1989 GMT

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) _ Want to live a long life? Then go and live in Vietnam, where 2,432 people are 100 or older and the oldest is a 142-year-old woman, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

Chances of living longer are much higher for a woman than a man with female centenarians, 1,728, far outnumbering males, at 704, the official news report said.

Satistics from the Central Census Guidance Board show that Vietnam’s most senior citizen, Ngan Thi Quang, is 142 years old, the report said. She belongs to an ethnic Thai minority in the central part of Vietnam, said Sunday’s report, a transcript of which was received in Bangkok on Monday.


The oldest man is 130-year-old Hoang A Giang, a member of the Hmong ethnic minority in the north, the report said.

The 1989 Guinness Book of World Records says the oldest living person whose age has been authenticated is 112-year-old Birdie May Vogt of Miami.

It also says ″centenarians surviving beyond their 113th year are of the extremist rarity and the present absolute limit of proven human longevity does not admit of anyone living to celebrate any birthday after their 120th.″