Rand Paul: Mike Pompeo agrees regime change doesn’t work

April 25, 2018

Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that his conversation with Mike Pompeo about Middle Eastern policy helped change his position and support Mr. Pompeo’s nomination as secretary of state.

“What I heard from him in private and what I think we’ll hear from him in public is that regime change really hasn’t worked that well in the Middle East,” Mr. Paul, Kentucky Republican, said on Fox News.

The senator said he spoke with Mr. Pompeo privately about his concerns, including his policy take on issues in the Middle East. Mr. Pompeo agrees with President Trump that the U.S. will not be involved in a lengthy and complicated military situation in Syria.

“The president tells me every time that he does not want to remain in Syria. And he’s said that publicly. He does not want to remain in Syria for years and years and years,” Mr. Paul said.

The Kentucky senator was originally against Mr. Pompeo’s confirmation for his past support of the Iraq War.