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Press release content from NewMediaWire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Designrr Review: Saves You $1000 and More for eBook

July 6, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 6, 2020 - Let’s admit, creating fresh content is not easy, and making an ebook requires more resources. But for business purposes, this is worth the time and money, but why waste your time and money if Designrr is here. Let’s examine in this article whether this software is worthy of your investments.  


Who created Designrr

Designrr is developed by a team of experts – PageOneTraffic Ltd, founded by Paul Bannister. This is a marketing company that specializes in software creation. In fact, Paul has been creating software for about 20 years already. The company started by Paul in 2011 with a focus on identifying the problems that business owners and marketers experience, but before that, he worked with big companies such as Adidas, Nike, Carrefour, State Street Bank, and DeutschePost. He had worked in three start-ups, and one of them was sold at Taleo Inc. for $138 in 2011. After knowing these problems, PageOneTraffic develops a solution through the creation of software that will solve the problem. 


The Designrr uses the strategy of helping agencies and small business owners to promote their content at minimal effort. This tool was launched in 2016 to create ebooks that serve as a lead magnet to one or more websites. There are no clutters from sidebars, adverts, social icons, and navigation from the repurposed contents coming from posts and other sources. According to Paul, they build products that will change the way people do business. 

At present, Designrr is well managed by the team of experts from PageOneTraffic Ltd. Paul, the founder and CEO, Kirsi, the director of Operations; Simion, Michal, and Mike, as Software Developer; Enrique as Testing and Quality Assurance; Larry and Eric as Customer Service Representative; and Amir Mortel as Graphic Designer. 

What is Designrr

Through this tool, creating fresh content doesn’t have to be hard. This tool is an ebook creator that acts as a lead magnet to reach more people. It can transform the blog post, videos, podcasts, and pdf to an ebook, dynamic flipbooks, show notes, web pages, and pdf. You can repurpose existing content and boost traffic and reach a new audience. It is helpful to get more traffic. You can use it for both Mac and Windows. 


You can create a stunning ebook and reports in less than 2 minutes using it without writing any word. Everything is done efficiently and quickly. There’s no need for technical skills and no longer training videos to watch. Through this tool, you can create an ebook using 100 project templates depending on your niche, and there are around 720 Google Fonts available where you can choose from to fit your niches. Unlimited copyright-free images are available, which you can tailor-fit for your brand. You can publish unlimited ebooks without doing the formatting and writing the contents through Designrr. Once you purchased, you can get a free commercial license for business purposes. It’s super easy to use.  

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When to Use Designrr

This tool is available for use at any time of the day. This is perfect for the following:


-Content marketers

-Video creators


-Course creators

-Ebooks creators

-YouTube creators

-Webinar marketers

-Small business owners

-Marketing agencies

-Brand marketers

To make your ebook, simply choose the source, review your draft, choose a template, tweak and tune, and publish. 

Choose the Source

Your source can be any document, blog pages, websites, social contents from Facebook, YouTube files, audio, and video, which will get transcribed in minutes. Import is available from all these sources, and you can create multiple imports. You can also use PDF ebooks or white papers as a source and automatically turn them to a flipbook. 

Review Draft

Revise the content of the draft using the editor. You can customize the transcript, add the speaker names, quotes, screenshots, and other highlights. 

Choose Template

From the pool of templates, choose which one best suits your niches. You can add free images from the copyrighted images or freely use or upload your own photo. The font styles, footers, and headers can be added, including the call to action. 

Tweak and Tune

This process will allow you to finalize the ebook before publishing it. You may add additional images or customize the elements in the documents. Change the cover or create a 3D cover and add page numbers. 


The ebook, blog post, or pdf store in your Designrr account is available for access anytime or for download. You can publish to a kindle, pdf, website, ePub, and flipbook. 

Why Use Designrr

Using this platform removes the two biggest hurdles that ebooks creators faced in creating ebooks. The first is writing the content, and the second is getting it designed. Using this tool, you can directly take out content from Apple Pages, Websites, Google Documents, Microsoft Word, and any editor. Your content will be converted into a stylish and beautifully designed ebook that’s ready to publish and use out of this medium. These ebooks will help your business in the following: 

-Increase in Traffic. You can use these ebooks and other files to drive traffic to your websites. 

-Generate Leads. Through the help of ebooks, you can increase the number of leads and opt-ins to grow your list. 

-Sell ebooks. The ebooks that you created can be sold, and you’ll earn from it. 

-Repurpose your content. If you have existing content, add in a text, give a new look to it, and have a brand new ebook. 

-Increase brand visibility. You can build your business and your brand’s credibility through the targeted ebooks that fit your niche. 

-Build a New Business. Since included in the purchase of the tool a commercial license, you can start your business by creating an ebook. 

When using the tool, you can also save your resources. You’ll save time and money. Among these which you can save are the following: 

-Save several hours of writing from scratch

-Economize $300 to $1000 from outsourcing cost

-Save $500 for the design

-Avoid getting overwhelmed by technology

-No time to be wasted

-Save $300 from expensive tools -InDesign and Photoshop

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Other Powerful Features that Designrr Has

Designrr is the first and the number one tool that includes content and design in one. Apart from being very easy to use, it creates professional and stunning ebooks. You can grow your list faster using the created downloadable ebook that serves as a lead magnet. Converting the blog post to a lead magnet increases a conversion. You can make more sales at higher prices. Your cheap-looking ebook can have stunning designs that will engage the readers. No more boring PDF that’s considered turnoff then you’ll get the following features.

Complete control

You can customize and change anything from the ebook through the use of the design tools. Things you can edit include background, texts, styles, fonts, images, and headers and footers. 

Facebook Import

Importing becomes easy. You can import content from web pages, MS Word, YouTube, and others, and you can already import from a Facebook post. 

Copyright-free image

The images are copyrighted, but it’s free to use using the tool. The free image library has stunning images ranging to millions of images from Pixabay and Unsplash. You can even upload your own and add it anywhere in your ebook. 

Image Editor

This is an attractive feature of this tool because you can resize, crop, or color the images. You can do the editing at the inbuilt editor. You don’t need any external photo editing anymore. 

Table of Content & Page Number

The tool will create a table of contents with page numbers, customizable headers, and footers in just one click. Also, the TOC generator helps you to navigate the document anywhere. You can customize the page number color. 

Add blog post of page

You can import from anywhere, including a website post or a blog post. 

Project Draft Editor

The clean and straightforward editor is for writers who want to create content from scratch. There is no distraction nor complications. Just do the writing and editing. 

Where to Buy Designrr

You can purchase this tool from its website. With plenty of fake sites online, make sure to transact only at the authentic site. Never waste the opportunity to speed up, make ebooks, and grow your business. Remember that with this tool, you can do the following quickly:

Grow list quickly

Using ebook as lead magnets can help you grow your list faster with the conversion. Inevitably, potential customers will download your stunning ebook in exchange for an email address, which will lead you to new clients. Believe me, this is proven to grow the conversion.   

Make high sales

Converting the experience and ideas to an ebook is an excellent way to generate online income. However, you should make sure that the ebooks you’re presenting are high quality, great looking, and an excellent way to generate revenue. With this tool, you can transform your cheap ebooks to stunning and attractive ebooks that will hook the readers. 

Engage the readers

With a stunning ebook design, you’re engaging the readers to the content. You’re getting them out of the boring textual PDF.


Designrr saves many $1000 for templates and third-party services. No need for $300 design tools using Photoshop and InDesign. Save hours of writing and save $300 and more for outsourcing costs. When you purchase this tool now, you’ll get plenty of bonus – commercial license worth $497, free marketing ebook, free Facebook community and coaching, and personalized training. At only $27 lifetime access, which is usually $324 yearly. You save more than what you deserve.