Motivational speaker attends NP women’s center banquet

September 22, 2017 GMT

Jeffrey Dean delivers message on dignity, hope and closure

Even having researched the Women’s Resource Center in North Platte, Jeffrey Dean had not heard the statistic he was about to share at its Thursday night banquet.

Standing in front of a packed room at the Quality Inn & Suites, Dean, in awe, told the crowd about five memorial services the Women’s Resource Center has conducted. Each one was for women who came to the Women’s Resource Center, having regretted an abortion.

Dean, a Christian motivational speaker who began his ministry across the United States in 1993, was the keynote speaker for Thursday’s banquet, which was themed around hope.

Dean told humorous stories about meeting his wife, Amy, the first day of college, and how, as an honor student, Amy graduated cum laude.

“I just graduated, thank the lawd,” he said of himself, to laughs from the crowd.

But Dean also spoke from a place of reverence. He spoke of the Bible story which tells of the woman at the well. In the story, Jesus shows the woman that he knows of her scandalous history, but promises new life.

He spoke of the ministry the Women’s Resource Center aims to offer, helping mothers to be, fathers to be and single fathers, and providing other services, such as free pregnancy tests.

And Dean spoke of those memorial services, made to give closure to the mothers who chose abortion, and “with dignity,” he said, “have been able to put a name with that child.”