Thieves, Vandals Hit Longmont Neighborhood Known for Halloween Displays

October 30, 2017 GMT

How to report theft, vandalism

Anyone in Longmont can report stolen Halloween decorations or slashed tires by calling 303-651-8555 or filing a report online at bit.ly/2rS4Kyl.

The bones of two plastic skeletons snatched from a Halloween display in Longmont were found early Monday morning dumped in another yard less than a mile away.

The Halloween heist is just one of multiple tricks targeting the Prospect neighborhood south of Pike Road, which is known for its elaborate decorations and crowds of trick-or-treaters over the October holiday.

Shayne Eaton, who lives off Kristy Court, said thieves on the night of Oct. 21 stole five skeletons that she dressed in vintage costumes and zip-tied to chairs on her porch. She said she has displayed her skeletons since 2006 and she has owned the clothes they were wearing since the 1980s.

“I’m really sad about this because we won’t be replacing these things, just to see them get stolen again,” Eaton said, adding that the display would cost about $500 to replace. “We can’t imagine what these thieves are doing with all the stuff they’re stealing. Prospect won’t be quite as much fun this year for the little ones.”

Two of the skeletons were found in someone’s yard in the Rainbow Ridge neighborhood on Monday morning, she said.

A fur coat from one of the skeletons was not returned, leading Eaton to believe the thieves are keeping the items they believe are valuable.

Homeowners at the drop site have video of the suspected thieves throwing the bones from a car. A neighbor living across the street from Eaton has video of thieves stealing the skeletons .

Eaton said at least one other neighbor had decorations stolen. She said scissors were found in that neighbor’s yard.

Police said the neighborhood also has reports of five vehicle tires slashed between Oct. 27 and 28. But some neighbors believe there are more.

Eric Peterson said he was at a tire shop midday Monday replacing all four of his tires because two were slashed around 4:50 a.m. Saturday. He said he noticed his other neighbor had flat tires.

“My hope is that if we can get enough neighbors active and have people start reviewing their cameras, somebody’s got a picture of this guy,” Peterson said.

Eaton and others are unsure whether the people who stole Halloween decorations are the same people slashing tires, but they find it coincidental.

The Prospect neighborhood has been victimized in years past.

One neighbor of Eaton’s, who declined to give her name, said she had her skeletons and pumpkins stolen two years ago, and therefore no longer keeps valuable decorations outside. She said her car had a flat tire over the weekend and she’s confirming whether it was among the slashed.

“It’s a neighborhood that loves and embraces Halloween,” she said. “It’s such a popular event and people really seem to enjoy the neighborhood as a whole. Many, many people in Longmont seem to enjoy coming here... It’s a super, super fun evening that we all enjoy, so when things like this happen it’s pretty devastating.”

Eaton said one of her skeletons was stolen last year, so she decided to fasten their bodies this year. It didn’t stop the thieves, who cut through the zip ties.

“It’s the same time of year we get weird trouble like this,” she said. “It wasn’t as bad last year, but it was definitely a weird time. I remember everybody was like, ‘God what’s wrong with our neighborhood?’”

Eaton said she has heard that most neighbors are waiting until Halloween night to display their decorations for the crowds expecting a spectacle.

Amelia Arvesen: 303-684-5212, arvesena@times-call.com or twitter.com/ameliaarvesen