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Wall is the focus while Rome burns -- Brent Odell

January 4, 2019

Rome is burning with trillions added to the U.S. national debt. Cities in America are reduced to rubble by fires and hurricanes as we deny or ignore the existence of climate change. Russian President Vladimir Putin is rising and increasing the threat of nuclear war.

Everyone is paying more for everything due to a tariff war. Respected senior Cabinet officials in Washington are being fired or resigning, and replaced with “yes” people lacking the requisite knowledge or experience. The United States is turning its back on its allies and withdrawing troops supporting those carrying on the fight against ISIS. The United States is losing its stature as a respected leader in the world.

Former advisers and high-ranking officials in the Trump administration have pleaded guilty to crimes. Cabinet secretaries have violated ethic rules and used the treasury as their personal piggy bank to support their lavish life styles.

But what are we concerned about? Five billion dollars to build a useless wall at our expense that doesn’t even address the real issue -- our immigration policies -- all as Rome burns.

Brent Odell, McFarland

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