Luke Combs Super Bowl LII Prediction

February 4, 2018 GMT

If you talk to Luke Combs about the Super Bowl, the “Hurricane” hitmaker leaves no doubt who he is NOT rooting for on Sunday.

“I’m not a big Pats guy -- HUGE not a big Pats guy, if that makes any sense,” he says candidly.

While you’d think that would make it obvious who Luke’s pulling for in Sunday night’s game, the North Carolina native stops short of giving the Philadelphia Eagles his endorsement.

“I’m a big Carolina Panthers fan,” Luke explains, “and so, this year, the Carolina Panthers took the trip up to Boston to play the Patriots in Foxboro. And they beat the Patriots, which was wonderful for me. So I think Panthers are gonna win the Super Bowl, in my opinion!”

While the Carolina Panthers won’t be on the field, they’ll certainly be in Luke’s heart, as the Patriots take on the Eagles Sunday night starting at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC.