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Facing our problems

May 27, 2018 GMT

One time in the West Indies five ships, one of them British, were anchored in the harbor when a monster storm rolled in. The British captain immediately raised anchor and sailed out to meet it. Twelve days later, battered but still intact, he returned to the harbor and discovered that the ships that that remained and hadn’t sailed, for fear of the storm, were all driven ashore and destroyed.

The moral of this story is to learn to face our problems. It takes courage to refuse to run from our storms in life. For instance, when a storm hit, Jesus did not run from it. He walked on the water through the storm. When Jesus was on the boat and a storm appeared, he did not hide, Jesus faced the storm and said, “Peace be still.” When we read the letter written by the Apostle Paul to the church, most of them were about problems in the church. Paul did not run from difficulties. He confronted them. Mike Murdock wrote, “What you tolerate, you will never change.”

In Acts 6, the Bible says, “As the disciples rapidly multiplied, there were rumblings of the discontent The Greek speaking believers complained about the Hebrew speaking believers saying that their widows were being discriminated against in the daily distribution of food.” How did Paul and the other apostles handle this storm? They faced the problem, had a meeting, and put in place a plan to correct the discrimination.

Do you have a storm or problem in your life that meeds to be faced? Jesus told us how to handle relationship difficulties. He said the first step to solving the problem is to go to them, or we could say, don’t run from the problem but face it. Many of our hurts, disappointments, sins or confusion can be corrected just be recognizing them and facing the issue. If it worked for the Lord Jesus, I believe it will work for us.

Have a great week.