Research goes a long way at polls

October 30, 2018 GMT

Long lines at the polls? You can help with this. Voters who do their homework before heading to the polls can help reduce the wait time.

There are tools to do this. A sample ballot can be found online at the Bexar County Election website at bexar.org/1568/Elections-Department. And there is the the Express-News Editorial Board’s list of recommendations at https://tinyurl.com/ybhtrufq.

Though mobile phones must be turned off in the voting booth, voters are allowed to bring printed cheat sheets to help them remember the candidates for whom they want to vote.

As of Wednesday night, despite less than favorable weather conditions, more than 100,000 voters had cast ballots during the extended voting period in Bexar County.

At some poll sites last week, voters cast ballots after hours because they were still in line when polls were scheduled to close. Those unfamiliar with the ballot, especially those reading the San Antonio charter amendment language for the first time, were taking an average of five minutes to cast their ballots, according to election officials.

A few voters unfamiliar with some of the issues have requested clarification of the ballot language from election staff. They are not allowed to give that kind of help.

However, voters seeking more information on the ballot items were allowed to cancel their attempt to vote and leave so they could independently seek more information.

Early voting continues through Friday. We urge all eligible voters to cast an informed ballot.