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Baxter robot brings lessons to G2S

October 28, 2017

SCOTTVILLE — Gateway to Success Academy welcomed a new addition to its staff Tuesday, as Baxter — a 6-foot-tall, red-and-black robot with flexible arms and a computer screen face — was delivered to the school by Metalworks.

Tom Paine, president of Metalworks, was pleased to be able to contribute Baxter to the school’s robotics program.

“(Robots like Baxter), they can work without a fence. You can work with him right out in the workplace or in your office, and he’s safe. We found that interesting, because he can be easily trainable to do different things simply by moving his arms,” Paine said. “He is designed to help people more than work on his own. We bought one and tried him on a couple jobs and it didn’t work out. He wasn’t accurate enough. So we thought, ‘What a great idea to have him at a school.’

“When I thought of who might like this, I instantly thought of Gateway to Success. I’ve been to the school — it’s a whole new philosophy of learning. The physical layout is neat. It’s all skill-based learning, which I think is great,” Paine said. “There aren’t many towns that have a school like G2S. We’re very lucky to have that in our neighborhood. So I thought, ‘What a great donation to a school that’s already doing some neat stuff.’”

Gateway 2 Success is an alternative education charter school open to grades six through 12 in the West Shore Educational Service districts, including Baldwin, Hart, Ludington, Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern, Pentwater, Shelby and Walkerville.

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