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Coyotes blamed for deed most fowl

December 17, 2018 GMT

FORT MOHAVE — The Morga family has been mourning the recent deaths of their fowl family members. It’s believed coyotes fatally attacked Butterball the turkey and other poultry they kept as pets in their back yard coop.

“Sad weekend for the Morgas. Now I have one lonely duck and three traumatized chickens,” said Jena Morga.

The handsome, but geriatric, 25-pound tom turkey as well as a goose, some of the chickens and turkens (a cross between turkeys and chickens) are thought to have met their demise the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Butterball was attacked by a stray dog when he was much younger but survived to reach the ripe old age of 11. Some of the other birds also lived to the same age though others in Morga’s yard were acquired later as replacements of the chicks gifted to Morga by her future son-in-law, Jeff Mangum.


The original plan was to eat the birds. The family ultimately became attached to them, even after naming the birds after people they didn’t like.

Butterball, however, harbored strong feelings for Morga and intensely disliked Morga’s husband, Marco. The bird regularly made his jealous feelings known, including at least one physical attack.

Even after numerous acts of domestic violence against Marco, Morga said Butterball was her favorite backyard bird. He was smart and charming but “conniving.”

A story about the Morgas, Butterball and their other birds (to a much lesser extent) ran in the Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Day edition of the Daily News.