The Special Counsel

May 29, 2018

The investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian meddling and possible collusion with Russia by Trump and those in his campaign MUST be allowed to continue until reaching it’s finality. Some are expressing concern about the cost of the investigation. But, what is saving our democracy worth; how about priceless! And that’s what it’s all about under Trump. His actions are dismantling our democracy, undermining our credibility and positive influence, and leading to volatile and extremely dangerous situations throughout the entire planet. Those bellyaching about the cost of the Mueller investigation should then also be deeply concerned about the cost of Trump’s boondoggles to Mir a Largo; and for what? It certainly isn’t to do much in the way of official presidential work. Each of these trips, and there has been dozens, costs the taxpayers close to three million dollars each. Meanwhile, the world according to Trump and his new found lackey Giuliani is; Robert Mueller is on a “witch hunt”, Trump is the only one telling the truth (in fact, it is well documented that nearly 70% of whatever comes out of his mouth is a lie) and every one of his accuser’s is a liar. Hogwash! During and after the 2016 presidential campaign there’s been cash from adversarial countries flowing into our politics and elections, particularly Trump’s, Trump’s son-in-law (and advisor) Kushner and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn meeting “secretly” with the Russians, Trump’s campaign manager Manafort conducting very questionable financial transactions, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen selling Oval Office access and paying out “hush” money to how many people/groups and for what, and much more. Nineteen people and three companies have already been indicted under the Mueller investigation. How short some people’s memories are! A year ago when Mueller was selected as special counsel to lead the investigative team, there was, pretty much, unanimous praise from all sides. Now that he is starting to produce results, a high percentage of Trump supporters/conservatives are beginning to whine about one thing or another regarding the investigation and demanding an immediate end to it. It’s quite obvious there’s real concern among the conservatives about what uncovering the cover-ups is going to lead to. And those of you who want to shut-down the investigation really believe Trump knew nothing about any of this? Baloney! Heather Heyer’s last message, the young woman killed in the Charlottesville protest against the white supremacists, hit the nail on the head; “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” A lot of people need to pull their head out of the sand. Watergate was nothing compared to what is happening under Trump.

Steve Bevan,