Plea deal drops child abuse charges for man who left 2-year-old in crashed car

February 28, 2017 GMT

A man accepted a plea deal Monday, months after police found his 2-year-old son shivering in an abandoned crashed car.

Daniel Endicott, 31, pleaded guilty in Lincoln County District Court to felony possession of methamphetamine and leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor. Endicott was arrested after a Nov. 6 car accident in which police found a Nissan Altima high-centered on the post of a yield sign just before 3 a.m.

At the scene, police also found Endicott’s uninjured 2-year-old son, out of the car’s safety seat, shivering in a T-shirt and diaper.

Neither Endicott nor any other adult was at the scene. Endicott was later found passed out at his last known address, police said; he displayed multiple indicators of intoxication. Police later discovered that Endicott had left the scene of another accident.

Prosecutors dropped charges of child abuse and driving under the influence in the plea deal.