Former Winona resident publishes first novel

October 25, 2017

Ronald Pollworth, a former Winona resident, has published his first novel titled “Heartache Along the Cannonball,” an historical fiction story based on the author’s great uncle, Charles Adams. Pollworth, who now lives in Fort Smith, Ark., served as marketing coordinator for Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical and was a member of the Winona Human Rights Commission. He is a 1973 graduate of Winona State.

The story begins in 1905 in Cumberland, Wis., when Charlie has turned 16 and his father announces he has sold the 40-acre subsistence farm to claim a 160-acre homestead in Mandan, North Dakota. What follows is Charlie’s transition from losing his first love that he defends against a school-yard bully, trading his skills at farming and logging to becoming a cowboy on the North Dakota range — learning to draw, aim and fire a revolver accurately; roping cattle and tracking cattle rustlers, and engaging in shoot-outs.

Pollworth, a native of Minnesota, retired to Fort Smith in 2015 following a 40-plus year career in marketing and public relations. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism, and a master’s degree with a concentration in writing.

“Heartache Along the Cannonball” can be purchased on Amazon.