NANCY CHAPMAN: The news from Westmoreland

March 1, 2018 GMT

Hello! Here I sit on a rainy Feb. 16, so I’ll try to get back into the Wayne County News beat!

This weather has been so hard on my knees. My sister-in-law Betty Ward got together a couple days last week for breakfast.

My Daughter Tammy took me to the doctor Feb. 13 at HIMG to have a place cut off my leg. Some sort of cancer but don’t know yet. Have to go back to have more cut out. Betty came with us and we went to Bob Evans. Always enjoy having her go. We eat a lot at McDonald’s in Kenova so we can eat and gab.

Thanks to Don Bias for the dinner he took me and his sister-in-law Weezie to on Valentine’s Day at Shirley’s in Ceredo. We really enjoyed the meal and company. I also visited him to get blackberries. Yum! Thanks Don, I appreciate them.

Thanks to my daughter Carla for the box of Dove Valentine Candy. They melt in your mouth.

My daughter Tammy has had that old stomach flu and been very ill with it. Glad she is better. Now my Great-grandson Bentley has strep throat. Hope you’re better soon baby!

Did everyone enjoy those beautiful summer days when it was 71 degrees?


But I do remember this time last year it was 70 then 75. Then rain and 80s in 2016. Last year March came in like a lion wth a bad storm. Then the weather dropped to cold days.

Belated Happy Birthday to my great granddaughter Chloe who turned 9 the 17th.

Don Bias turned 80 on the 17th. He’s doing better and gaining his strength back. He goes to the mayor’s office for a few hours daily.

Get well wishes to my friend Janice Caudill Milum of Kenova who fell and broke her leg and her hip two weeks ago. She’s in for a long recuperating time. My heart goes out to her.

Belated Birthday to sweet friend Garnet Bryant of Ceredo on Feb. 2nd. And to Bob and Garnet who celebrated their 44th Anniversary on Feb. 9 Hope you two had two wonderful days.

Our friend Louise “Weezie” Starr also celebrated her birthday on Valentine’s Day. She turned 95. We didn’t get to celebrate her special day because of snowy weather. “Hope you can celebrate many more years Weezie. God has been so good to you and you’ve been a wonderful Christian lady for him.

Happy Belated birthday to my nephew’s Richard Ward and Barry Lovern, sons of Betty Ward. Hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays.

I know I’ve missed a lot of birthdays and anniversaries and I’m so sorry. Just been in a lot of pain.

Ran into Ester Lou Hale of Kenova at Bob Evans. So glad to see her. She said she had a birthday and turned 90. Hope you have many more and stay as healthy as you can.