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Could you beat Dustin Diamond at “Saved By the Bell” trivia?

April 17, 2018 GMT

Sunday afternoon at Hoppy Pig in Bradley, fans of NBC’s “Saved By the Bell” were challenged by the show’s very own Dustin Diamond (who portrayed the good-natured goofball, Screech Powers) to trivia from the show.

“I have no advantage!,” Diamond joked as he readied himself for the competition. “It’s been 30 years since these events have passed.”

Over 15 teams competed in Beat Screech! Saved By the Bell trivia, hosted by Hoppy Pig and Sound Sonic Entertainment. With four rounds of trivia, consisting of 10 questions and a bonus question, the competition featured questions ranging from easy to extremely difficult. The only rule? No cellphone usage for looking up answers.

At the end of the competition, the score totals were counted and it turns out that you can in fact, “Beat Screech” at “Saved By the Bell” trivia. When all was said and done, Diamond totaled 69 points, and a team named Heather’s Trio won with 173 points. They received bragging rights and gift cards from Hoppy Pig.

Below are 10 questions from the trivia event. Think you’re the biggest “Saved By the Bell” fan? Give it a shot!

In the episode titled, “Zack Wars,” how many seconds does it take Jessie to cross the monkey bars?How old is Zack on the first fake ID Screech makes him?Zack and the gang find a box full of money at the mall. How much is it?Who won the Miss Bayside Pageant?In the episode titled, “Date Auction,” how much does Jessie bid on Screech?What’s the name of the resort the gang worked at in season 3?What was the name of Screech’s robot?Zack offered tickets to Lisa in exchange for dating Jessie’s step-brother. Tickets to where?What was Mr. Belding’s DJ name?What song do Jessie and Slater sing as Zack and Kelly are breaking up at prom?

Look for the answers in the infobox!