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BC-AR--Arkansas Weekend Planner, AR

March 7, 2019


Wire Editors,

Photo Editors,

The AP has the following stories planned for the weekend. Members using Exchange stories should retain bylines and newspaper credit lines. If you have questions, please contact the desk at 501-225-3668:



MOVING ON Sunday, March 10:


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. _ Two years after the Arkansas Legislature scaled back the state’s decades-old law protecting public access to government records, lawmakers are considering making even more information secret. Proposals to expand state secrecy surrounding its executions and making the identity of some lottery winners confidential were endorsed by legislative panels last week. Other measures also are under consideration to shield information about law enforcement and investigations. By Andrew DeMillo. UPCOMING: 840 words.



For Sunday, Mar. 10, and thereafter:


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. _ After 16-year-old Kristyn failed a drug test and ran away from home, the state jailed her for more than six months. Her expected sentence was three. Teens like Kristyn are subject to a juvenile justice system that can extend their sentences for any rules infraction, or because necessary counseling isn’t available or because they have to wait in county youth jails until a state bed opens. By Amanda Claire Curcio, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 2821 words.


FORT SMITH, Ark. _ Collaboration is key in the Fort Smith region’s latest initiative to help struggling families. The First 100 Families initiative formally commenced in late February and aims to take a holistic approach to address 100 families in need in the region. The needs will be provided through services from nonprofits, law enforcement agencies, higher education and virtually every kind of organization in between. By Max Bryan, Southwest Times Record. SENT IN ADVANCE: 563 words.

For Monday, Mar. 11, and thereafter:


FAYETTTEVILLE, Ark. _ Work is underway on Washington County’s Crisis Stabilization Unit, and state officials have done a preliminary inspection. The crisis stabilization units are meant to keep some people with mental health issues out of the criminal justice system. Law enforcement officers will take people who have committed low-level, nonviolent crimes to the units instead of county or city jails. By Tom Sissom, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 575 words.


JONESBORO, Ark. _ Music teacher Beverly Pierce says music is an international language if one learns to read it. The friend’s music came from the Eastern European country, but because of music, there was no language barrier. Music not only spans across other countries, but it incorporates other subjects, too. By Matthew Wells, The Jonesboro Sun. SENT IN ADVANCE: 676 words.

^The AP, Little Rock

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