What is the fair market value of an OU football player? About $215,000 less than a Texas Longhorn

November 21, 2017 GMT

Business Insider worked the numbers to provide how much college football players might be worth if they played under the same rules of the NFL.

It calculated the fair market value of college players at 20 of the most profitable programs, based on numbers from the Department of Education and a study that says college athletes live below the federal poverty line.

If college footbal players received 47 percent of all revenue -- as is the case in the NFL -- and divided evenly among the 85 scholarship players, this would be the results:


1. Texas: $666,029

2. Alabama: $545,357

3. Michigan: $510,153

4. Tennessee: $501,260

5. Notre Dame: $488,833

6. LSU: $479,072

7. Georgia: $463,536

8. Oklahoma: $450,185

An Oklahoma player is worth about $215,000 less than a Texas player, based on the revenue differences of each school.

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