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Thumbs: Up to Youth Services supporters

February 4, 2017 GMT

Thumbs up to Youth Services supporters

Thumbs up to the generous donors that helped Youth Services of Kittitas County Mentoring Program reach their annual fundraising goal for 2016. These donations helped support over 30 youth mentoring matches in Kittitas County.

— Jessica Strawn

Thumbs up to James Gaudino

Thumps up to Central Washington Univerity President Gaudino for publicly affirming that CWU is an inclusive and welcoming place for all peoples, without discrimination and prejudice towards certain groups, peoples and countries.

— Chuck Reasons

Thumbs down to people who litter


Thumbs down to people who throw soda cups and trash in people’s yards when waiting for the bus.

— Jack Frost

Thumbs up to man who returned wallet

Thumbs up to the man who found a wallet in the men’s bathroom at Super One on Feb. 1 and promptly turned it in. Losing a wallet with all those valuables is so troubling with identity theft such a problem these days. It is so nice to see people doing what’s right. Honesty — it’s a beautiful thing.

— Dennis Alickson

Thumbs up to Eat it Eburg

Thumbs up to Eat it Eburg, Jessie Martin and Christina Miller (and many other local farmers and chefs) for organizing the Beans & Brews fundraiser for Apoyo Food Bank. Hosted at Iron Horse Brewery’s Pub, the event brought together chefs, farmers and brewmasters from our town and demonstrated what working together can achieve. It was a fun night with amazing food, all incorporating beans from Farmer Bean. I left in awe of the variety of dishes (even desserts) that used beans as a base. Delicious, nutritious and for a great cause! Thank you all for your hard work — excited to see more of this!

— Jennifer Hoyt

Thumbs down to raising speed limit

Thumbs down to the waste of time by the state Legislature on proposing to raise the speed limit to 75 between Ellensburg to Ryegrass and George to Spokane. As stated it would only save 5 minutes of travel time, yet the possibility of increase to fatal accidents would go up severely causing an increase of $8.3 million in societal costs according to the article in the paper. Why are you wasting so much money on something so ridiculous and dangerous? People are already driving 75 why does it have to be put through on a bill by the Legislature? Please use your time and our money more wisely.

— Erika Franklin

The following are staff submitted:

Thumbs up to annual Eaton family cattle drive


There may not be many remnants of the Old West in modern culture, but the annual Eaton family cattle drive today is a living reminder of our heritage in Kittitas County. The family (with many friends and volunteers) will move cattle through the Yakima Canyon from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The drive draws a lot of spectators but if you just need to drive to Yakima this morning, take Interstate 82.

Thumbs up to Over-the-TOPera

Fans of opera have this one marked on their calendar each year — Central Washington University’s Over-the-TOPera performance. The event features many talented singers and amazing music and is just a lot of fun. The show is at 7 tonight at the McIntyre Music Building. Tickets are $10 with the proceeds supporting future CWU opera productions.