State rep charged with not having valid gun permit

November 22, 2019 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Police have arrested state Rep. Curtis Tarver II after finding a gun in his car they say he was not licensed to carry, which he disputes.

Police say Tarver was driving on the city’s South Side on Monday night when officers noticed that he had a broken headlight and pulled him over. When officers spotted a handgun in the vehicle, they determined that the concealed carry permit that Tarver handed them had been revoked.

In a statement, Tarver insisted Friday he has a valid firearms owner card and concealed carry license, both of which have been renewed. He says a clerical error is the cause of his arrest and he expects the case ``will be resolved quickly and without incident.”

The Chicago Democrat is charged with not having a valid concealed carry permit, a misdemeanor, and cited for a broken headlight. He was released a short time later after posting bond.