Decatur gets $1.3 million grant to buy flood-prone houses, assisted living facility

May 16, 2019 GMT

The city of Decatur has been awarded a grant of more than $1.3 million to acquire 18 flood-prone houses and the Evergreen Assisted Living Facility, all of which are in the St. Marys River floodplain.

The total cost to acquire the 18 homes is 1,318,312.50, in federal grant funds from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The remaining 25% local match will be funded by an in-kind contribution of 75,937.50 from the city and a $215,000 contribution from the Maumee River Basin Commission, the city said Thursday.

The Evergreen project cost is 259,893.75, in federal grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The 25% local match, $86,631.25, is being funded by a cash contribution from Adams Memorial Hospital, the city said.


In 1997 Decatur began working with the Maumee River Basin Commission and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, formerly the State Emergency Management Agency, to mitigate flood damages by acquiring flood-prone homes and removing them from the flood risk area. The city said it has acquired 74 homes and removed them from the flood risk area.

“The process of flood mitigation was initiated in 1997 by former longtime Decatur Mayor Fred Isch along with Rod Renkenberger of the Maumee River Basin Commission,” Decatur Mayor Ken Meyer said in a statement.

“Mayor John Schultz continued the process during his tenure as Mayor, and now I am honored to be able to receive these funds on behalf of 18 more homeowners. With the funds we receive we will now have purchased 92 homes and one assisted living facility, elevated three homes and flood proofed another three homes from the flood prone area.”