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Voice of the People: What do we face as a nation?

January 6, 2019 GMT

1. President Trump will be continually under siege from a. the “leftist” Democratic party b. Most of the media, the entertainment industry and the swamp of bureaucrats, lawyers, lobbyists, politicians and the business community that does well with the status quo.

This reminds me of what our first President George Washington had to overcome in the Revolutionary War.

Remember -- Washington was one of the most successful businessmen in the New World, solvent, holding 6,000 acres around Mt. Vernon (adjacent to what is now D.C.) when he was asked to lead the Continental Army against the World’s greatest power, Great Britain (Then truly great.)


Only 33 percent of the populace supported him, 33 percent actively against him and 33 percent twiddling their thumbs. (Sound familiar?)

For seven years he served for expenses only, incurring huge financial setbacks with his estate not having his guidance.

During the war he had more losses than victories and was almost replaced by fair weather friends in Congress.

He prevailed because what he was doing was right, he never gave up and because God gave him not only good fortune, but physical protection.

A big difference between Washington’s presidency and President Trump’s?

Washington after the adoption of our Constitution came into office surrounded by well-wishers and the adulation of the new Nation.

He could have been president for life. He left the presidency voluntarily.

President Trump has come into office with a huge cadre of haters, false friends in government and a media full of socialist little cry-babies that can’t stand someone better than themselves.

Not to mention a Justice Department and intelligence agencies filled with people absorbed with their own rightness and agendas trying to undermine him.

That leaves us, the “We the People,” the 60-plus million that voted for him and perhaps, not unlike the 33 percent that never wavered during the long Revolutionary War, we have to stay the course or say good-bye to the biggest dream of representative government ever devised.

My last thought: If you have viewed the iconic Portrait of Washington at Prayer in Valley Forge during the lowest point of the war, that is what we need --people who will fight on their feet and pray on their knees.

God Bless America.

Ron Hansen