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Hempfield native edged out in rare ‘Jeopardy!’ sudden-death tiebreaker

March 21, 2018 GMT

With an audible gasp from the studio audience and most of America, Thursday night’s “Jeopardy!” featuring Hempfield native Sarah Norris ended in a tie.

According to programminginsider.com, all three contestants gave incorrect responses but it was Norris — a technical writer and manager from Minneapolis, Minn. — and Laura McLean — a data analyst from Nashville, Tenn., and the defending one-day Jeopardy champion — who each concluded the game with a rare tie score of $6,799. It was the very first tie game to occur since the show updated its tiebreaker rules — where no game can conclude in a non-zero tie — back in November 2014.

Without missing a beat, host Alex Trebek announced the tiebreaker category, “Way Back in 2017,” and the clue, “Her April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June 8.”

Unfortunately, Norris wasn’t quite quick enough to buzz in with the winning question: “Who is May?”

Norris, whose Twitter bio now reads “Yellmaster. Messy hair. MSU. Jeopardy tiebreak loser” took to the social media platform in the hours following the show’s airing.