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Warren Moon’s Wife Testifies That Quarterback Choked Her in Argument

February 17, 1996 GMT

RICHMOND, Texas (AP) _ Warren Moon’s wife testified Friday that the Minnesota Vikings quarterback grabbed and choked her during a bedroom fight that began in an argument over credit cards and money.

Felicia Moon was called by prosecutors during Warren Moon’s misdemeanor assault trial despite her insistence she would not testify against him. She said the two wrestled July 18 after she threw credit cards at him.

Feisty and defiant during prosecutor Mike Elliott’s questioning, Felicia Moon said when Moon pursued and grabbed her, she kneed him in the groin and then fell backward to the floor.


``He grabbed me. He said, `You’ve gotta calm down. This is getting out of control,‴ she quoted her husband as saying.

Felicia Moon said she was still kicking her husband as he bent over her and then lunged at her.

``He choked me,″ she said. ``I started coughing.″

Judge Larry Wagenbach overruled a prosecution motion to make Felicia Moon a hostile witness.

Felicia Moon, who earlier pleaded with prosecutors to drop the assault charges against her husband, said the fight erupted as Moon was packing for a trip to training camp.

She had just returned from taking their 7-year-old son Jeffrey to a dentist’s appointment and had gone to a gazebo for Bible study when Moon arrived.

``He said he wanted all the credit cards,″ Felicia Moon said. ``He was going to make some changes.″

After she protested, her husband went into the couple’s bedroom and resumed packing. But she testified that the two continued to yell at each other.

Felicia Moon said she entered the bedroom and told him, ``You are such a jerk. I can’t stand you.″ She tearfully added that she called her husband some ``bad names.″

Wagenbach gave her some facial tissues and she continued her testimony.

When she told Elliott she could tell her husband was getting angry, the prosecutor pressed her further.

``I thought that he might hit me.″ she said, ``because it’s happened before.″

Felicia Moon acknowledge to Elliott that she has a temper, but added that she was not scared of her husband.

While Moon was packing, she said she told him, ``That’s the way you handle everything. Someday you will have to talk to me.″

Moon pulled a suitcase from a closet and continued packing, she said. His wife said she unlocked a dresser drawer containing excess credit cards and threw a handful of them at Moon, cursing him.

``He was ignoring me and I was angry,″ she said.

Police went to the Moons’ home in a Houston suburb after their maid called 911 and handed the phone to Jeffrey, who said, ``My daddy gonna beat my mommy.″

After Felicia Moon declined to file charges, prosecutors persisted in the criminal case.

Prosecutors also have threatened to force Jeffrey to testify. He and the couple’s housekeeper, Elena Marie Morales, were the only witnesses aside from the quarreling couple.

Earlier Friday, a witness to the confrontation said she saw Moon and his wife in a car chase at speeds of 90 mph just moments after the alleged assault.

``I saw a black car being driving maniacally behind a white car,” she said.