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Students in JD Lever Safety Patrol become official with new safety vests

December 22, 2018

Local police deputies were at JD Lever Elementary School on Thursday morning to meet with students who are part of the school’s Safety Patrol, giving them supplies to help make them more official.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office joined with SAFE KIDS Aiken to provide students with the JD Lever Elementary Safety Patrol with safety vests, said Sgt. Mary Frantz, with the Sheriff’s Office.

The students also were each sworn into the Safety Patrol officially.

“I heard that JD Lever had a Safety Patrol, but that they didn’t have any vests,” Frantz said. “SAFE KIDS Aiken donated money to get vests to the kids. They work very hard, going above and beyond what other kids at their school do. These are the students who get to school early and have responsibilities like raising and lowering the American flag each day.”

Most schools with safety patrols acquire equipment like safety vests from AAA, but can cost the schools a lot of money.

“When I learned how much a school has to pay AAA to get stuff, I was shocked,” Frantz said. “So, we decided it would be more fun if we don’t buy gear from AAA and create our own program.”

Trophies Unlimited made and donated badges, which say “JD Lever Elementary Safety Patrol” with the word “Deputy” and each has a picture of the school’s mascot, a lion, in the center surrounded by an outline of a star.

The badges will only go to those students who show leadership skills, Frantz said.

Over the next month, the students will each be evaluated by deputies on how they perform their duties, how they treat others, their grades and their leadership skills. Based on the evaluation, each patrol officer who shows all of these skills will be issued a badge, she said.

“I just wanted the kids to know how proud we are of them and appreciate what they do,” Frantz said.

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