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Be aware of bed bugs as you travel

November 13, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - Bed bugs have become a main concern for people across the country, and are usually spread by those who travel.

Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, and Antelope Counties Wayne Ohnesorg says when staying in a hotel, you should inspect the room right away.

Ohnesorg says check the mattress, the box spring, and the seams looking for reddish stains on bed sheets caused by bed bugs being crushed, and the fecal matter of the bug.

He says also never unpack your luggage into the drawers in the room.

Ohnesorg says the most effective way to address bed bugs in your home is the heat treatment.


He says it can be expensive, but it’ll take care of the problem.

For more information go to Extension.UNL.EDU.