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Third Person Undergoes Transplant for Liver Damaged by Mushrooms

October 29, 1988 GMT

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ A second person who ate poisonous mushrooms at a dinner party underwent a liver transplant operation Friday, and another person was awaiting a donor.

A woman who also ate the mushrooms received a liver transplant Thursday, and the fifth victim was being watched for signs of liver damage.

All five people ate the so-called ″death cap″ mushrooms in an Oriental stir fry dish served Saturday at the home of Teresa and John Duncan.

The mushrooms were Amanita phalloides, a deadly variety common in Europe but found only recently in the western United States, said Preston Alexander, president of the Oregon Mycological Society.

The people at the dinner party ate a total of at least 10 mushrooms when less than one can be fatal, Alexander said.

Some members of the dinner party picked the mushrooms while searching for chestnuts, he said.

Isun Pak, 52, of Hillsboro, underwent the operation Friday at Oregon Health Sciences University. Doctors said there were no complications.

Friday night, Andy Clark, 33, of Hillsboro became the third victim to undergo transplant surgery. The operation at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center began about five hours after Pak’s surgery was completed.

A donor organ was being sought for Mrs. Duncan, 43, of Portland, who was at the Portland hospital.

Glenda Sabolyk was in critical but stable condition at the California hospital, where she received a donor organ on Thursday.

And Duncan was in serious condition at Bess Kaiser Hospital in Portland, where doctors were watching him for signs of liver damage.