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Moodswing Blends Funk And Blues To Capture Audience

September 29, 2016 GMT

With Brittany Thompkin’s voice and the band’s strong rhythm section, Moodswing’s silky smooth sounds sets the atmosphere for every venue it plays.

The seven-member band from Wilkes-Barre — which regularly plays at spots like the Woodlands, the River Street Jazz Cafe and other area locales — brings an energetic performance to each show. They play plenty of songs from the 1970s through today’s hits.

Meshing a mix of funk, soul and blues, the band has captured a following around the region.

Rahboo Sabb was one of the founding members and, along with Greg Hedrington, has stayed with the group through the years. Saab says the new mix of performers has helped.

“Our band has grown tremendously,” Sabb said. “The more we perform, the tighter we get.”

When picking out prospective band members, Sabb looked for people who fit. He wanted to make sure the band was just like a family.

“That’s just how it’s operated,” he said.

The band wants to expand its offerings, according to Sabb. They are interested in getting into the wedding scene. Anyone interested in booking Moodswing for a wedding can contact the band through its Facebook page.

Here’s what Saab had to say about the band in an On The Record discussion:

JumpStart!: How did you guys end up in a group? Rahboo Sabb:

We’ve been together now for three plus years now. The band members I’m with are not the original members, with the exception of Greg (keyboards). He was there from the very beginning, so you see our first show had different players. ... It was at Mountain Sky then right after we did Bones Bar and the (River Street) Jazz Cafe.

JS: How and when did you guys get together as a group? RS: Our band is professional as well as versatile. Each band member was asked from within our personal circle of family and friends to be a part (of the group).

JS: How do you pick which songs to perform at your shows?

RS: We have a huge repertoire from the 70’s to today’s hits, whether R&B, pop, funk, jazz, disco and rock. So depending on the room, that’s pretty much how we determine our set list for a particular venue, aside from specific requests.

JS: Do you think the music scene in the region has changed over the years? If so, how?

RS: I feel the music scene changed in this region for various reasons. To start, music is always changing and moving as well as listeners that were once kids are now young adults. You also have a lot of different ethnic groups of people moving to this region so with just those two reasons there alone is a prime example of how it’s almost impossible to stop the evolution of music.

We as musicians come and go but live music is strong in its place.



Meet Moodswing Members: Greg Hedrington, keyboards; Kyle McCormack, guitar; Jimmy Gee, drums; Carl Charles, sax; Brittany Thompkins, vocals; Kevin Hall, vocals and Rahboo Sabb, bass/band leader. Online: www.facebook.com/moodswingfunk4u Upcoming: Oct. 2, Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem; Oct. 7, River Street Jazz Cafe; Oct. 29, Woodlands Nov. 5, Blue Wasabi in Clark Summit; Nov. 26, Woodlands.