Endangered owls move into Havasu business

March 20, 2019

At least two western burrowing owls have taken up residence at a Lake Havasu City business, where they captured the interest of customers and visitors.

Lake Havasu City officials say no action will be taken to remove the owls from their new home beneath the sidewalk in front of Havasu’s Pawn Starz pawn shop, on London Bridge Road. The owls are a federally protected species whose numbers have been diminished in recent decades due to vanishing natural habitats. The store’s employees don’t seem to mind the owls’ intrusion into their business habitat, however.

“One of them’s been there for maybe two months,” said Pawn Starz store manager John Borders. “I think they probably have babies. The bigger one stays out in the parking lot all day long … every couple of days I’ll feed them. Most of the customers are wowed about them, and no one’s ever tried to harm them here.”

The city contended with the Havasu region’s burrowing owls in 2017, when contractors attempted to renovate washes throughout the city. Federal and state regulations state that any construction within 100 feet of the owls’ burrows cannot be performed unless such owls are first relocated.

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