Switching to vegan diet will save water

April 13, 2019 GMT

Several recent articles in the paper stressed the need to conserve water in Santa Fe, yet none addressed the sacred cow. Almost half of all the water we use in New Mexico is devoted to animal agriculture. Every cow in desert conditions drinks 35 to 50 gallons of water per day. Far more water is required for supplemental feed and to slaughter and process the remains. With more than 1.25 million head of cattle in a state with recurrent and intensifying drought conditions, we can’t afford to ignore the cow in the room any longer.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle saves enormous amounts of water, topsoil, habitat and wildlife while significantly reducing gases that contribute to climate change. This isn’t rocket science. If Santa Feans want affordable water in the future, we need to stop being irresponsible and selfish today.

James Corcoran

Santa Fe

False promise

Oxymoron: Republican health care.

Bo Brumble

Santa Fe

Worth the drive

Santa Feans of advanced age who have Medicare and have been or could be in need of a skilled nursing facility after surgery or such are aware that there are only two nursing homes in the City Different — Casa Real and Santa Fe Care Center — offering such facilities. Based on experience, I would urge my fellow seniors to consider expanding their search to Albuquerque, where they will have many more choices. In particular, I suggest they check out Advanced Health Care of Albuquerque, which also offers skilled nursing care and accepts Medicare.

Advanced Health Care looks and feels like a hotel, from the well-appointed lobby and gracious dining room providing exceptional food, to the large, well-equipped rehab room and a private room for every resident, situated in two wings. You realize you are in a superior nursing home when you see the nurses’ stations and staff that include administrators, medical and support staff. With few exceptions, these folks are capable and caring. All in all, Advanced Health Care is worth the drive.

Kay Lockridge

Santa Fe

Lucky numbers

It’s not about avoiding taxes nor evading criminal detection, as Milan Simonich implies in his rambling story of a John Travolta movie (“Governor pocket vetoes bad bill for lottery,” Ringside Seat, April 8). It’s about the theft of our right to privacy.

Richard Wendel

Santa Fe

Problem isn’t medians

This is a response to Patricia Allen’s letter to the editor (“Seeing the medians,” April 7). Ms. Allen, please stop driving immediately. Give up your license, give up your car. We will all feel better when you do. You want orange markers to keep you from careening into the median. What about people, pets and trees? Should we put orange markers on all of those as well? I am sure in Dallas or Houston, orange markers are common, but in the City Different we have a different aesthetic.

J. Boyd

Santa Fe

Review it yourself

I noticed in last Friday’s Pasatiempo that there was no review of the movie Unplanned, which had the fourth-highest grossing box office last weekend. It was more popular than 11 of the movies reviewed today. It is on the order of Erin Brockovich. Maybe it does not display the greatest dramatic artistry, though I thought the writing and acting were very good. What it does do is give vital information to the public that has been withheld from them with steely determination for 50 years. It is showing at the Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14.

Elaine Gere

Santa Fe