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Skydiver Killed In Fall Had Forgotten Chute On Earlier Jump

April 15, 1988

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) _ An experienced skydiver who was killed after leaping from a plane without a parachute had forgotten to put on a chute before an earlier jump the same day, a federal investigator says.

Ivan McGuire, 35, fell 10,000 feet to his death April 2 while filming an instructor and student at the Franklin County Sport Parachute Center. The fatal jump was his third of the day.

″There was no problem with the first time, during which he videotaped the jump of a student and instructor,″ Walter Rigsbee, an inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration, said Thursday. ″On the second, he forgot to put on his chute but one of the other parachutists brought it to his attention before he boarded the plane.″

McGuire made the same mistake when he boarded the plane for the third jump, but no one noticed, Rigsbee said.

After viewing the tape McGuire made on that last jump, investigators said it appeared McGuire had been reaching for the release pin of a parachute that wasn’t there.

McGuire’s videotaping may have caused confusion, Rigsbee said.

″The harness McGuire wore for the video equipment is similar to that of a parachute. It has the same feel,″ he said.