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Tyngsboro Water District Rate Increase Lacked Transparency

January 3, 2018

As a person impacted by the Tyngsboro Water District’s recent, large rate increase, I read with interest Amaris Castillo’s article in The Sun, and found the water commissioner’s explanations lacking facts and generally unsatisfactory.

We ratepayers were notified of this rate jump in a most unprofessional manner: by means of a few sentences, in tiny type, at the bottom of our last bill. We should have been sent a separate notice with a breakdown of all costs and justification for the increase, and we should have been given an opportunity to make our feelings known in advance.

But, what most concerns me is the water commission’s statement, “The cost of purchasing water, as well as other associated costs, have (sic) increased over the past several years and will most likely continue to increase”. Really? What exactly are those “associated costs”?

There is no transparency here, just unilateral actions by a commission which has obviously forgotten that our water district is being run for the public’s benefit, not theirs.