Noel Gallagher’s French resistance to David Holmes

November 18, 2017 GMT

Noel Gallagher was initially reluctant to listen to French jazz whilst making his new album - and he has no idea what the musician Charlotte Marionneau is saying on his new album.

The former Oasis star is getting ready to release his third solo LP ‘Who Built The Moon?’ and some of the songs are influenced by French jazz after producer David Holmes played him some of the best examples of the genre.

On ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ Noel and David got Charlotte - the singer of band Le Volume Courbe - into the studio to record a French spoken word segment on the song but the guitarist never bothered to ask her what her words translate to in English.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the ‘Holy Mountain’ singer said: “She’s doing her thing in French. None of us in the studio can speak French so we don’t know what the f**k she’s going on about.

“The people who were blown away the most was my French record label who were like, ‘You know you’re going to be really famous in France.’ Fantastique!”

The ‘Wonderwall’ songwriter initially had wanted to use a 1950s French jazz sample of a woman telling everyone to stay in their seats at a show but he couldn’t get the rights cleared.

Noel, 50, was initially unimpressed by some of the more obscure records in 48-year-old David’s collection but he soon realised he was being challenged to put his past with Oasis and first two High Flying Birds LPs behind him.

He explained: “The whole thing was born out of conversation and playing records. Him saying, ‘I think that you should do stuff like this’ and he’d play some obscure f***ing French jazz s**t. And I’d be going, ‘Wha? Really? Ooh la la.’”

Revealing how David would critique the guitar riffs he was creating, Noel added: “He’d go, ‘That sounds a bit like Oasis.’ I’d be like, ‘F***ing good, though, right?’ ‘Well, yeah, but try something different.’ I’d f**k around for another hour-and-a-half and he’d say, ‘Starting to sound like High Flying Birds now.’ And I’d say, ‘Equally as f***ing good, right?’ ‘No, but try something different.’ And eventually, something different would come.”