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Pleasant Grove beautified thanks to tech company

May 10, 2018

Hundreds of flowers are suddenly adding color to many areas of Pleasant Grove after they were all planted one day this week as an act of service to the city and residents. Employees of a local company took time off of their typical workday to get their hands dirty and help to beautify the city.

Every year, employees of TestOut, an experience-based, online training company located in downtown Pleasant Grove, take a day in spring to work outdoors, helping wherever is needed in the city.

On May 8, about 100 employees spent several hours planting flowers at some of the public locations around the city.

“We have been doing this since 2011,” said Carolyn Landon, events planner for the company. “We were celebrating our 20th anniversary as a company and we wanted to do something to support Pleasant Grove.” That first time, about 40 employees painted curbs around the city. Since then, it has become a yearly tradition.

In addition to planting flowers and painting curbs, TestOut employees have also cleaned up parks, spread bark, painted signs and other tasks that are needed in the city during previous years.

Two different crews of workers – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – worked to do the planting this year. Because of their labor, there are now hundreds of flowers at the city’s library, the entrance to Discovery Park and the cemetery.

“The group of volunteers from TestOut gives Pleasant Grove an enormous service each and every year on what we have come to know as ‘Planting Day,’” said Nathan Gerber, Pleasant Grove’s Beautification Commission vice-chairperson.

Gerber said that each year, the company supplies dozens of volunteers to plant hundreds of plants around the city. The city provides the supplies, including the flowers, for the yearly event.

“This beautifies our city, our community, and more importantly, shows a fantastic example of service, kindness and how to be a truly positive influence in the community we are a part of,” Gerber said. “As a member of the Pleasant Grove City Beautification Commission, I am so grateful for such a wonderful service.”

Gerber said each day, as he sees the newly planted flowers, he is reminded to pass on the kindness and service that TestOut employees give so freely each year.

In addition to providing an important service, the annual day is fun for the employees of TestOut and they look forward to it all year, according to Landon.

“Everybody loves this day, “she said.