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Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to all the first responders responding to the tragedy out on the lake two weeks ago.

Orchids to the high school swim team for winning the Golden Anchor swim meet.

Orchids to Brenda Atkinson from Destination Havasu and her team for raising funds and gathering supplies for our teachers and our Lake Havasu Unified School District. You rock!

Orchids to Melanie at Eight Lotus. You make Zumba so much fun! Love the new songs and routines.

Orchids to Danny at Tri Tech Auto. Thanks for getting our daughter’s Jeep back on the road when we were out of town. You guys are the best!

Onions to parents who can’t figure out how to drop off their kids at school each morning. Don’t idle in the drop-off lane. Push them out the passenger’s side door and move on for the rest of us.

Orchids to all restaurants, especially Burgers by the Bridge and Lin’s Little China, who were providing meals for the searchers in last week’s boat crash in Topock.

Onions to school district employees for making it seem like they were underpaid all this time and not acknowledging that they had free medical services in addition to insurance because of the district’s health and wellness center. Talk about a perk that isn’t available in the real world!

Orchids to the fisherman who found the body after Saturday’s fatal boat crash. In addition to the families of the victims. All of the people involved in the search need your thoughts and prayers.

Onions to my neighbors who have 12 cars and leave most of them parked on the gravel in front of their house.

Onions to social media. Facebook is such a hateful place. Havasu needs a real town square, not a virtual one.

Orchids to Doug Ducey not picking Cindy McCain to replace her husband in the Senate.

Onions to government workers who go home early on Fridays and before holidays. Why don’t you have to work regular schedules like the rest of us?

Orchids to Nicole Norona. She may not have won the mayoral election, but she gave voters an alternative when it appeared Cal Sheehy would run unopposed. Thanks to her, Havasu had two good choices for mayor and she brought good ideas to the table. Wish she would’ve run for city council!

Onions to painted-on eyebrows. Quit buying your beauty supplies at Home Depot.

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