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Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside county property transfers for March 30, 2019

March 30, 2019 GMT

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of March 18-22

Warranty deeds

Sauk Valley Realty and Real Estate to Winding Creek Properties LLC, 110 E. Lynn Blvd., Sterling, $0

Patrick J Rohlik to Mary E. Rohlik, 1508 E. 16th St., Sterling, $0

Nationstar Mortgage to Secretary of HUD, 1406 Ninth Ave., Rock Falls, $0

Jane Ann, Beth E. and Philip J Ardapple to Mark D. Ardapple, 205 E. South St., Morrison, $60,000.

Joelle M. Stoddard to Norma Sperry, 6730 Albany Road, Erie, $105,000.

Marty L. Pierceson to Shannon J. and Dustin G. Pierceson, one parcel on Buell Road near Rock Falls, $161,000.


Phillip E. and Annette K. Pace to James R. and Deborah A. Zeffield, 25109 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $160,000.

Community State Bank Fulton to Devin S. Turner, 7225 Cordova Road, Erie, $70,000.

Kristi Marschang to Cody A. Lawson, 206 S. Benton St., Tampico, $52,894.

Sarah E. Lutyens to Matthew A. Greer, 1701 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $67,000.

Victory Center Ministries Inc. to Eric C. and Kristin J. Miensma, 511 N. Third Ave., Albany, $35,000.

William S. and Margaret L. Myers to Zachariah Randall, 703 10th Ave., Rock Falls, $95,000.

Troy E. and Tani L. Anderson to Aliah M. Ramirez and Mary C. Keala, 707 Fifth Ave., Rock Falls, $33,500.

Daryl E. and Michele L. Schroeder to Dwaine L. Schroeder, 510-3 Jenkran St., Morrison, $50,000.

Mary Ann Dettman to Haley M. Grell, 1009 W. Second St., Rock Falls, $57,000.

Quit claim deeds

Jo Ann Mose and Taylor Howard to Ryan Mose, 1019 Eighth Ave., Erie, $0.

Donna J. Spencer and Dorothy M. Sollars Estate to Robert A. Sollars, 301 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $20,000.

David R Tyler to Donald R. Tyler, 4002 W. Rock Falls Road and 4000 Regan Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Carol Razo to Terrence Michael Campbell, 1501 Ave. K, Sterling, $8,000.

Trustee’s deeds

Inez Tobin, trustee, and Tobin Living Trust to Gerald M. Tobin, one parcel on Hoover Road, Sterling, $0.

Darrin B. Partin and Stephanie G. Holesinger, trustees to Alex J. and Isabel L. Wherry, 6514 Sandy Bottom Road, Fulton, $280,500.

Lawrence A. Sikkema Trust to Nichole M. Preston and Sandra K. Hartman, 1428 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $115,000.


Whiteside County sheriff and Blake E. Ellrick to Community State Bank Rock Falls, 1005 Charles St., Rock Falls, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Boyer A. Edens to Wells Fargo Bank, 1209 15th Ave., Fulton, $0.


Whiteside County sheriff and James A. Krueger and Jennifer L. Krueger, also Bender, to MTGLQ Investors, 1014 Arland St., Rock Falls, $50,000.

Cornerstone Credit Union to Natalie L. Shaw, 725 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $14,750.

Conkling Real Estate Management to Timothy E. Dunavin, 616 E. Seventh St., Rock Falls, $85,000.

Whiteside County sheriff and Kerri Kae Stover to Freedom Mortgage Corp., 3901 19th Ave., Sterling, $0.

Judges deed

Emil Benzakry, JICTB Inc., formerly Janson Investment Co., and Whiteside County Circuit Court judge to city of Rock Falls, 1606 Fourth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of March 18-22

Warranty deeds

Gloria E. and Mark E. Nusbaum to Michael R. and Susan K. Pratt, two parcels in Nachusa Township, $720,000 and $358,024.

Elsa K. and Lucas D. Payne to Taylor M. Behrends and Tyler M. Dempsey, 327 S. Jefferson St., Amboy, $100,000.

Kimberly L. Oldman to David W. and Kimberly S. Hauck, 1018 E. Chamberlain St., Dixon, $118,000.

Randy K. and Samantha Murdock to Camille L. and Gregg A. Yandel, block 25, lot 113, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

James D. Hart to Gezime and Zenel Osmani, 1100 Northridge, Dixon, $212,999.

Edward L. Dresden to Robert A. Dewey, 433 Apple St., Dixon, $110,000.

Sterling Federal Bank to James and Kara Grot, 823 Center St., Dixon, $46,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kimberly and Robert Moore, 136 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $19,000.

Lambs Farm Inc. to David Gorman, 997 German Road, Paw Paw, $0.

Miguel Pantoja to Pual M. Phillips, 519 W. Cherry St., Compton, $36,000.

Quit claim deeds

Eric Trentz to Dennis Wantroba, block 5, lot 30, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,000.

Melissa A. Woods to Greg Woods LLC, 2401 W. Third St., Dixon, $0.

Kelly Daraska to Marcin J. Tokarczuk, block 7, lot 39, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,000.

Trustee’s deed

Robert S. Jasper Revocable Trust, Susan M. Jasper, trustee, to Linda K. and Paul H. Erisman, co-trustees, one parcel in Franklin Grove Township, $2,500.


The late Mary M. Crombie to Douglas and Teresa Stern, lots 6 and 7, Crombie Tracts, Willow Creek Township, $0.

The late Giuseppe Vitale and Darlene Vitale, representative, to Marguerita Attig and Carolina, Darlene, and Vincenzo Vitale, 531, 533, and 601 Vitale St., and 119 and 123 S Peoria Ave., Dixon, $0.

Eureka Savings Bank to Lourdes V. and Timothy Ryan Maxey, 2797 W. Brooklyn Road, Compton, $52,500.

Deed in trust

Susan Mae Jasper to Linda K. and Paul H. Erisman, trustees, one parcel in Franklin Grove Township, $2,500.

Transfer on death instrument

Elizabeth M. Henkel to Judith A. Henkel, 208 E. Main St., Sublette, $0.

Memo warranty deed

Mark Kaleel to Arnulfo Cedra-Lopez Jr. and Rebecca M. Lopez, 120 N. Mason Ave., Amboy, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded March 15-21

Warranty deeds

Errett Warehousing LLC Series One to MSPM Investments LLC, 201 Powers Road, Flagg Township, $90,000.

John A. and Danay C. Voiles to Clinton and Kristen Frederickson, 8547 N. Hedge Road, Byron Township, $391,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Matthew and Tara Wrage, 102 South St., Monroe Center, $175,000.

Robert T., Christopher E., and Andrew T. Baatz to Joshua W. Franks and Maggie M. O’Malley Franks, Water and Hedge roads, Byron Township, $170,000.

Douglas L. Brandt and Tracy R. Brandy to Robin A. Minnis, trustee, 607 N. Sixth St., Oregon, $66,000.

Adeline M. Hanson to James W. Smagacz, 900 Madison St., Oregon, $103,000.

John O. Skow to Kelly E. and Roxie A. Smith, 3515 E. Oak Grove Road, Byron Township, $149,000.

Quit claim deeds

Ricardo E. Navarro to Eleanor Kane, trustee for Trust No. 2005, 104 E. Pacific Ave., Davis Junction.

Trustee’s deeds

Bradley J. Weller, successor trustee of JFW Trust No. 1, to Michael A. Reynolds, Oregon Trail Road, Pine Creek Township.

Regions Bank to Jodi Horner, 310 W. North St., Polo, $10,000.

Jordan Kingsbury, trustee of Bernard R. Kingsbury Trust No. 97, to Roger W. Hayenga, trustee of Hayenga Family GST Trust No. 1, 155 N. Skare Road, White Rock Township, $916,500.

Janice I. Knox, trustee of Janice I Knox Trust, to Amanda M. Brigl, 401 W. Grant St., Stillman Valley, $87,500.

Jack D. Keyser, trustee of Norma J.L. Keyser Trust, to Eric Keyser and Karla Keyser Dell, 905 Monoghela Drive, Taylor Township.

Executor’s deed

Estate of the late Eugene A. Stukenberg, Brent Stukenberg, executor, to Brian T. Lawson, 402 N. Walnut Ave., Forreston, $74,900.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff and Edward and Lisa Bracken to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 15917 W. Harper Road, Forreston Township.