Donald Trump Jr. to comply with subpoena, testify on Russia probe: Report

May 14, 2019 GMT

Senate investigators have reportedly reached a deal to have President Trump’s son testify before them again on the Russia probe.

Donald Trump Jr. will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee for 2-4 hours on a limited list of about a half-dozen topics, The Hill reported Tuesday afternoon.

According to ABC News, he will testify at a closed-door hearing.

The Republican-led panel had subpoenaed Mr. Trump, prompting criticism from his father and some rumblings from other Republican lawmakers that the younger Mr. Trump should ignore the subpoena.

According to numerous reports last week, the panel had questions about some of the answers Mr. Trump had given them in 2017 about meetings with Russian officials, in light of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller.


Under the deal, the panel members are restricted to asking Mr. Trump, The Hill reported, about his contacts with Russian nationals.

The deal also requires, according to The Hill, that this appearance will be Mr. Trump’s last before the intelligence panel.