A Google search for Charleston’s Emanuel AME suggests church is a ‘shooting range’

January 19, 2017 GMT

An offensive result pops up when someone searches for Emanuel AME Church on a cellphone.

Emanuel AME Church, the historic Charleston church where a self-avowed white supremacist gunned down nine black parishioners in 2015, has an unexpected suggestion: Shooting range.

Last week, a review of the church left by a user named Anthony Dukes called the church a racist institution. He added, “No wonder Dylann Roof was provoked into terminating some of them.”

The review has one star on it. Reviews on Google can have up to five stars.

Users also have the option to tell Google which search suggestion is correct for Emanuel AME. The church’s current category is place of worship while the suggested category is shooting range.

The suggested category is the category shows up first on mobile.

The Post and Courier has reached out to Google for comment.

In December, Google updated its algorithm to remove another offensive search result.

When users typed in “Did the Holocaust happen?” the first result displayed by the popular search engine was to an American neo-Nazi site, Stormfront.org.

Stormfront was also the website where Dylann Roof posted his racist manifesto shortly before traveling to Charleston and carrying out the mass shooting at the historic church.

A federal jury in December found Roof guilty of 33 federal crimes stemming from the mass shooting. Last week, the same jury sentenced Roof to death.

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