Letter to the editor: Trib has lost its sting

November 29, 2018

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Trib was a reliable source of unbiased news amid the glut of liberal media. Its editorials were confident and sharp, and always stood for sound conservative principles.

That has changed. The news articles now are thinly disguised Democrat talking points with headlines that are even worse. The editorials have all the sting of warm milk, and take on controversial subjects such as unsafe police chases and the need for all to be civil. Some of the editorials need to be read several times just to determine if the Trib actually takes a stand on a given issue. And now the Trib won’t even endorse a candidate for the upcoming election. I’ve only seen that in neighborhood papers.

Bring back the conservative powerhouse that set the Trib apart from every other newspaper.

Thomas Wagner


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