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The best oatmeal cookies

April 10, 2018 GMT

I know it is pretty bold to declare something “the best,” but my kids said it, so I am going with it. They also claim my microwave skills on frozen nuggets to be “the best.” Their standards might be a little low, but my husband’s are not — especially when it comes to cookies.

So, when I offered to bake him some for a recent trip and he told me he wanted oatmeal, the search was on for a good recipe. I don’t make cookies often, and when I do, it is usually my no-fail chocolate chip recipe. I’ve learned some tricks over the years such as parchment paper opposed to non-stick spray, not over baking or over mixing. With practice, I’ve gained some confidence in the baking world, but oatmeal cookies had me a tad nervous. Nobody likes those crispy discs. I needed a soft oatmeal cookie, but not a cakey one either.

While I do love how accessible thousands of recipes are online now, it is overwhelming when you have to choose one. Reading the comments on Pinterest does help. Thankfully, I chose a good one — actually “the best” one for these oatmeal cookies.


Use parchment paper on your baking sheet.

Form the cookies into a full 2-tablespoon dollop ball and then gently flatten the top.

Use a timer and start checking early. 30 seconds can make a difference. If you need to, set the timer for a shorter amount of time to get your attention. Over baking is common and cookies should be taken out when they look about 90 percent done. They’ll reach full glory after sitting out a few minutes, as they continue to bake.