Florence One school board winners say they are excited, ready to begin

November 8, 2018 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – Davy Gregg says he is excited and ready to begin his service on the board of Florence One Schools.

Gregg is one of two new members who won board seats in Tuesday’s election. The other is Artie Buxton. Three incumbents won re-election.

“It was a good win,” Gregg said. “It was kind of a long process leading up to yesterday, but I am glad it’s finally over. I’m very happy with the outcome. I’d just like to really get in there and get my feet wet and get acclimated with the other board members.”

Gregg said he wants to ensure that all children in Florence One Schools succeed.

“We want to try and see all of the kids of Florence One Schools succeed and just get them ready in education,” Gregg said. “We want to help all of the kids in the school district advance and move forward.”

Buxton said this is the first time he’s run for a public office. He said he and some friends waited for the results together at his house.

“It was an exciting time for all of us,” Buxton said.

“You’re watching the names of the winners of these races pop up, and you see your name pop up and it’s kind of surreal,” Buxton said.

Buxton is excited to jump into what the school district is doing and to help out in any way that he can, he said.

“That’s probably the thing I’m most excited for: to keep pushing the bar higher and higher to see how much we can achieve here,” Buxton said.

Bryan Chapman is returning to the board for his second term, and he said he’s ready to continue doing what he’s been doing on the school board.

“I was excited and thrilled to be selected to keep on going,” Chapman said.

For the next four years, Chapman hopes to see more new facilities built, the high schools have their own stadiums and a pay raise for custodians, as well as looking the district’s pay scale, he said.

Incumbent Trisha Caulder will return to the board for the start of her second full term. Caulder joined the board in January 2013 after being appointed by legislators to replace a board member who was elected to the Florence County Council.

“It’s very humbling that the people of this community thought as much of me and believed in me that they wanted me to continue on the board,” Caulder said. “It’s an honor for me to be selected to continue to work with the children in our school district.”

Caulder said she always tries to do her best in putting the student’s in Florence One first, and she is ready to continue her work on the school board.

“I hope that we continue to grow and to improve the educational settings for our children,” Caulder said. “We have made a lot of changes, but many of those were needed in order to take us to the next level in our school district, to get us to that premier district that we are working toward.”

Incumbent E.J. McIver was also re-elected but was unavailable for comment Wednesday.