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Bannock County Assessor candidate, Woolf, touts ability to address ‘inequities’

October 26, 2018 GMT

I am writing to clarify my record of work and service. I do so because the published personal information did not frame the context nor provide the appropriate explanations. Simply put, I had events in my life, as do many other people, which interrupted the typical sequence of filing my taxes. My taxes are filed. Regarding the other contentions, brought forward out of civil court proceedings, I am confident justice will prevail.

I regret that this situation has distracted from the primary issues regarding my candidacy to be the next Bannock County Assessor. Four central issues must be addressed in this election. Identifying those issues clarifies who is most qualified to run the Assessor’s office.

First, you the taxpayers need to know that there are gross inequities in the assessed property values throughout the county. Second, long-term workers in the Assessor’s office have sought to bring these inequities to the light of day but have had their voices stifled. Third, a contract appraiser, from outside our county has been employed to do the work that has been done in-house for many years. Fourth, I was recruited by employees at the courthouse and others in the community to run for this office to correct the inequities and to help lift the morale of this department.

I did not take this request lightly. I was contacted as a former appraiser for the Assessor’s office. I was recruited to run due to the conviction that I can bring to light the deep-seated concerns of many in the Assessor’s office for the sake of you the taxpayer and make the changes necessary to comply with state law and established guidelines. Those changes will prevent the State Tax Commission from coming in and dictating how we proceed.

Those who encouraged me to run and those who have joined in supporting my candidacy know that I had an excellent record of service during the seven years I worked in the Assessor’s office. They and I know that my experience and my extensive training and continuing education as a property tax appraiser make me the most appropriate leader to manage the Assessor’s Office. We are confident that I can assure equitable property assessments, address the morale issues throughout the department, provide better service to the public, and keep control of the property assessments at the local level.

I am running because employees and citizens recruited me since I was willing to listen to their deeply held concerns. They believed that it was the “right thing to do.” I will be an Assessor working for all of the people of Bannock County. I humbly ask for your vote this November 6th. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Margie Woolf is running as a Democrat for Bannock County Assessor.