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North Yuba Water District approves more than $650,000 for projects

December 23, 2017 GMT

The North Yuba Water District will pull from its reserves and spend more than $650,000 on capital improvement projects and equipment purchases following unanimous approval by the Board of Directors.

Part of those funds will go toward upgrading the district’s water treatment plant, which provides domestic water services to approximately 2,500 residents throughout Brownsville, Forbestown, Rackerby and Challenge.

The treatment plant is expected to receive new electrical wiring and an upgrade to its computer operating system.

“The plant’s wiring and computer system were installed 30 years ago,” said Jeff Maupin, NYWD general manager, in a press release. “Using reserve funds to make these upgrades now makes practical sense.”

The district is also planning to replace its fleet of vehicles. Maupin said some vehicles date back to the 1970s, meaning the cost to maintain them has become too great. Plus, he said, newer models are much safer.

The board approved the replacement of seven vehicles and two tractors – including four half-ton trucks, a three-quarter-ton truck, a dump truck, a one-ton utility truck, a backhoe and a new excavator. Maupin said the excavator will allow the district to remove debris and silt from the irrigation ditch, groom embankments and grade access roads to the conveyance channel.

Aside from the recently approved projects and purchases that will be completely funded through reserves, the district is also working on grant-funded projects, Maupin said.

Those projects include mapping the water distribution system, inventorying water meters to prioritize replacement needs, sizing a replacement water tank in Challenge and engineering a pipeline project for the district’s Forbestown Ditch – which has had problems in the past with washouts during heavy rains and water loss due to seepage and evaporation.